For me, Real Estate Agency = Real Estate Professionalism

I’ve lived in Ann Arbor and raised my family here over more than 30 years. I focus on residential single-family and condominium listings in the greater Ann Arbor area that includes communities from  Saline to Dexter, Chelsea to Ypsilanti, and north to Brighton. I also work throughout suburban Detroit in communities like Birmingham, Novi, Northville, Plymouth and Canton.

I have a saying: Your vision is my mission. I know that how I do my job directly affects the futures of my clients. That means that I am relentless in putting into practice professional, effective communication, real estate analysis, negotiation, and transaction management skills that benefit my clients.  Real estate is really about people. I never forget that the clients and the agents with whom I work are human beings with needs, desires, excitement, and fears. I’ll never let dogma or a “that’s how we do things around here” mentality get in the way of serving people.

What to Expect


A Deep Conversation About Your Needs and Expectations

I take a collaborative and analytical approach to help you navigate the real estate transaction. Every relationship begins with a substantive conversation to ensure I understand clearly your specific desires, needs and expectations. We break down an acceptable timeline and I help you see the guideposts along the way toward closing.

I direct a lot of time and energy toward understanding local market conditions, the life cycle of real estate transactions and the process of negotiating competitive offers. I rely on data analysis to give each client–buyer and seller–the most cogent information so they can make the most informed decisions.


Finding the Home You’ll Love

Ann Arbor consistently ranks near the top of Best Places lists due to its varied neighborhoods, medical facilities, parks, schools and healthy business atmosphere. I’ve developed ground-level intimate knowledge of the communities and can help evaluate which area might most appeal to each client or family’s needs.

I  help you to understand the nuances of local market conditions so I can introduce you to homes that meet your criteria and help you create competitive offers that get noticed by sellers. I advise you on what to look for when viewing a home so you don’t make a drastic mistake, and I arm you with in-depth details on every property you see.


Selling Your Home

Whatever the reasons for selling your home, I help you feel less stress and help advise you with an analytical market summary and a detailed go-to-market strategy built to maximize your home’s exposure. I’ll advise you on some best practices that add the most value and to which buyers will be the most attracted. I share my quiver of experienced house cleaning services, electricians, painters, handymen, and landscapers to help make preparing your home easier and ensure the best financial results.



I look at a range of comparable properties when assessing a pricing or offer strategy that is the most likely to achieve your desired results. Based on distance, similar characteristics as well as nuances in the local market, these analytics help you get the most value for the your home or ensure you’re paying a fair market price for a new home.



Searching & Technology

Everyone I work with has free access to the search tools with daily updates on properties coming to market that meet their buying or selling criteria. I’m continuously evaluating new technologies and platforms that uphold my promise of using the best technology in the service of clients.



Knowing The Community

I first arrived in Ann Arbor more than 30 years ago and I thought it would be a way station.  The fabric of wonderful people, communities, culture, businesses, health care, schools, and outdoor spaces became a part of me. I’ve walked, run, and cycled on the roads, paths, and byways as part of my exploration and understanding of the area. And this I bring to you. I’ve built networks, both professional and personal, of friends, colleagues, and contractors with whom I work to create great experiences.  Over time, I’ve built a deep knowledge of the surrounding area’s schools, zoning regulations, and many other aspects relevant to each person’s needs, desires, and living situation that have become part of the way I do real estate.

I know buying a new home or selling one you’ve loved can be stressful. By applying the resources, market expertise, and negotiating savvy–and humor–I aim to minimize the stress and even make the process memorable and fun.

And just because we close doesn’t mean we’re done. I’ve done multiple renovations on my own home and often am asked for renovation insights from my clients. In addition, helping homeowners navigate maintaining their homes and understand their value in their overall financial picture is an intrinsic part of my approach to real estate. I call it “being your forever agent.”


Your Vision is My Mission

If you’re looking for a real estate agent–whether you live in the area or are relocating here–it’s important you find someone who is a good fit for you. So let’s talk. Whatever your reasons for moving, I’d like to learn more about you and your goals. You can count on me to “tell it like it is” and give you a realistic picture of what is possible.

Contact me to get in touch. I look forward to meeting you.