Your next place.

Moving you forward so your next place reflects where you are in life.

You’ve grown. Your life has grown. Where you live next will need to reflect your life and lifestyle:

-You have a dog or a child (or both).

-The kids have left to find their own next places and where you are is too big.

-Your needs and style have changed.

Let me help you find YOUR NEXT PLACE. I’ll make it my mission.

Everything I do reflects my commitment to creating remarkable experiences in real estate with fun, calm, kindness, integrity, and savvy. That’s why I’m relentless in implementing the tools, professional practices, and market knowledge at my disposal in the service of people like you.



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How to Decide if you Should Replace your Windows

One of the most prominent features of any home is the windows. If they are well maintained, they will have a positive impact on the impression potential buyers have of your property. Of course, the opposite occurs when your windows look old and worn. So, does that mean you should replace ...

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How to Deal with a Low-Ball Offer

If you take care to price your home correctly – that is, at a price that is in line with what similar properties in the area have sold for recently – then you have a good chance of selling it at or near your asking price. That doesn’t mean you won’t ...

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Avoiding Waste when Watering Your Lawn

The following tips will help you avoid waste when watering your lawn: Use a low-angle, pulsating sprinkler. Water sprayed high into the air produces a mist that loses much of its moisture through evaporation.Water the lawn, not the sidewalk or driveway.Lawns need about an inch of water per week. To determine ...

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Consumer Protection vs. Consumer Value

It has become standard for retailers to offer low cost supplementary “insurance protection plans” on appliances and electronics. These plans may seem like a good idea, but before you buy one, be sure the plan actually offers real added value. Often, these plans overlap with other protection programs you already ...

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Recognizing Potential Major Expenses in a New Home

When you see a new home you like on the market, it’s easy to get distracted by all the features you love – the wrap-around backyard deck or the spacious recreation room that has plenty of space for entertaining. You just need to make sure that in all your excitement ...

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